The Platform

ABSOLVENTA is a job platform for students, graduates and young professionals in Germany. We actively support students with their career preparations, get graduates their first regular job and help young professionals work their way up the corporate ladder.

ABSOLVENTA allows users to browse job offers traditionally. They may also upload their CV and can be contacted passively by recruiting companies who browse our database. Never fear: all data will stay anonymized unless a user explicitely grants permission to see his or her name and contact info.

ABSOLVENTA provides companies with tailored recruiting-tools for the targeted audience of young academics and conjointly deploys efficient employer-branding concepts. Founded in 2007, ABSOLVENTA GmbH currently employs about 50 people in the heart of Berlin.


ABSOLVENTA runs on a pretty standard Ruby on Rails stack using a PostgreSQL database backend. This is the place where the development team talks about it.

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