Bulk-Truncate Your Rails Apps' test.logs

Posted on May 22, 2014 by Carsten Zimmermann

Every test run for your Rails application generates a ton of log output in log/test.log and it can grow quite big over time. If you’re only sporting an SSD, diskspace is precious and you may want to truncate your test.log again. Here’s how you do it for all your locally checked-out Rails apps:

Assuming you have your Rails apps in a directory called, say, rails-projects, cd into that directory. du -hc */**/test.log shows you how much diskspace your test logfiles are eating.

You can truncate them with find . -name test.log -exec cp -v /dev/null {} \;. If you’re on a Linux system, using truncate should also work, but copying /dev/null works everywhere.

There is also rake log:clear which has the nice »side-effect« of clearing all your *.log files, but takes longer to invoke as it will load your Rails environment first.

Your development.log-files probably won’t grow as fast, but you can of course put them on a diet in the same fashion.

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