Converting large XML documents to Ruby Hashes

Posted on March 18, 2014 by Robin Neumann

A lot of web services out there are dealing with XML documents. To connect a SOAP-based web service to one of our Rails Applications, we need to translate XML documents to Ruby Hashes.

First of all - we already had a solution implemented. For that we parsed the XML with Nokogiri and used a custom method to iterate over the node-structure Nokogiri detected. The method we used is a slightly modified version of these discussed in this stackoverflow article.

Encouraged to improve our code quality I dropped our custom XML-Hash-converting method in favor of a method provided by ActiveSupport that looks temptingly elegant at the first glance:

Once you picked up some xml in a string, say content, just call Hash.from_xml content to get a proper Hash for further processing. And of course you’re free to call it on HashWithIndifferentAccess if you need to.

Unfortunately this strategy is not stable enough to handle large amounts of xml data. Given plenty of xml stuff saved in large.xml, we can watch this method fail with a RuntimeError:

As far I can trace it out, this a known problem with REXML, that is used behind the scenes by this method. I tried to came over it by using the famous C-library libxml2, that originally was developed for the GNOME project. Happily I noticed that there’s a wrapping gem for it called libxml-ruby, to which we at ABSOLVENTA already contributed to.

All I need was a tiny algorithm for applying libxml’s methods. Having hacked a few experimental lines into my editor, I noticed that there already is a Ruby gem for this job. And it works for me using it in single Ruby script like this:

In particular it worked with my evil dark-matter-xml docs!

A programmer’s world would be so easy without all the if’s in this world. Here it means: The solution above works if I use it seperated from any other gems. I can’t get it to work in a living Rails environment together with e.g. Nokogiri. For some reason, Nokogiri ships (at least internally) with its own version of libxml2. In my case this led to errors when trying to load Nokogiri and libxml-ruby together. I strongly believe that this can be resolved, but I haven’t found the right way to puzzle them together yet… (Feel free to drop me a note if you know how it’s possible!)


The intention for all research above was getting replacing the complex xml_node_to_hash-method in favor of a better tested solution maybe encapsulated in a gem or module.

No need to mention that it survived all my tackles to get rid of it. And finally we’re friends.

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